3rd Quarter Revised Calendar of Activities

28-Mon, Barangay Elections
28-Mon, Start of Sem Break (Business Office Closed)

1- Fri, All Saints Day (Special Non-Working Day)
4- Mon, Start of work for Teachers / Staff
4- Mon, Staff Development
5- Tue, Start of Classes
8- Fri, Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
8- Fri, NPEP 5
14-15 – Thu- Fri, Grade 7 Batch Seminar
18- Mon, Grade School Outreach – Relief Goods for Yolanda survivors
19- Tue, Start of First Confession
18-23- Mon-Sat, Academic Week
20- Wed, Live Diorama
23- Sat, United for the Nation Day
27- Wed, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Floral Offering)
29- Fri, High School Outreach – Northern Cebu for Yolanda survivors
29- Fri, Grade 6 Batch Seminar
30- Sat, Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)

4- Wed, Board Meeting
8- Sun, Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Holy Day of Obligation)
21- Sat, Christmas Carols for a Cause
21- Sat, Staff Christmas Get-together
21- Sat, Milestone Awards
23-Mon- Jan. 5-Sun, Christmas Break

3- Fri, Faculty and Staff to report for Work
3- Fri, Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
6- Mon, Start of Classes
20-23- Mon-Thurs, 3rd Quarter Exams
25- Sat, Opening of Intrams
25- Sat, First National Congress on Home-School Collaboration in Manila
31- Fri, Chinese New Year (Special Non-Working Day).

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