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From Karina Angela G. Lipardo, Graduate batch 2011,

            I would like to thank the school. For some of us, Southcrest has been our home for over 13 years. Thank you for giving us the formation we need to be well-rounded individuals. Thank you for teaching us to always aim high and be the best that we can be.

            I am so grateful to have had a PAREF education, which made us all grow not only academically, but spiritually as well. No matter what we may be called in the future – Ateneans, Thomasians, Benildeans, La Sallians, or Carolinians – we will always be PAREF kids at heart.


For Christopher Sta Maria, giving their children a PAREF education has been one of the best decisions he and his wife have made for their future. Today, seven out of their nine children have enrolled, studied and graduated from the PAREF system of education. 

PAREF Southcrest & Southdale have indeed played an important role as true partners for the children’s education and formation. Through mentoring, tutorial chats and a very strong home-school collaboration, the parents together with the teachers work together to help the kids understand the right balance between school and extracurricular, character-building activities. 

According to Mr. Sta Maria, the benefits that the children have gained from the PAREF education are immeasurable. As the students near adulthood, the school has instilled in them the importance of being well-rounded, God-fearing individuals. They know themselves better, have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, know how to balance studies and play and have become more respectful, responsible, trustworthy and compassion. He adds, “We are very happy for what they have become because of PAREF. As a businessman, I personally believe that in order to succeed in life, the right attitude is more important that skill. And to our children, having good moral values is more important to us parents than getting the academic medals. I therefore encourage my fellow parents, to let your children stay and be educated the PAREF way, from preschool to high school”. 

PAREF Southcrest: A School for Parents
Johnna Kuh Q. Cagigas

I never would have imagined that when my husband and I decided to enroll our daughter Nadine for the Grade 2 level in PAREF Southcrest this school year, I would also find myself back to school with my husband, enrolled in the New Parents Educational Program (NPEP) offered in all PAREF Schools. 

For the past months since the start of the school year, my husband Clark and I have been attending a three-hour session once a month on a Friday evening with other new parents in the PAREF system.

I have always wanted to be a good parent but the NPEP has shown me to be better.  I realized that loving one's children is not enough; one has to learn how to equip them with virtues and grow in the faith.  While I basically use as basis for parenting  the way I was raised by my parents, I realized through the NPEP that there are actually best parenting practices  I can make use of to help me raise happier and virtuous kids, and love my husband better.

These sessions normally start with a discussion of a particular case study between spouses, followed by a small group meeting where we get the inputs or analysis of other parents about the case.  It ends with a plenary meeting where the principles of parenting, family visioning or home-school partnerships are deduced based on the facts of the case.

Couples are normally given a month to try out the things they have learned in the sessions.  I used to give whatever my eight year-old daughter asks but now every time she asks for something, I make it a point to first talk about it with my husband and we decide together.  Recently to train our daughter to save money, we told her that the amount that she is able to save will be doubled at the end of the year and that she can decide what to do with this money after. 

Among the sessions, I found the Family Visioning very enlightening and important.  We plan to do our Family Visioning this week-end in Davao which is a chance for everyone in the family to communicate and share what he/she thinks can be improved in the family and to come up with specific goals for the family each year.

The NPEP sessions also led to my having Friday dates with my husband.  After the sessions, we would go to a restaurant and continue enjoying each other's company and friendship.  The NPEP has not only helped me be a better mom but also a more understanding and loving wife.

Last week, my husband and I attended our NPEP graduation in school with many other new parents who finished all the five sessions.  While I am left with the materiality of the certificate of attendance, I know that the benefits of attending the NPEP will stay with me and always be a part of my being a mother and wife. 


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