DepEd Secretary Commends PAREF Board and Management

Last August 11, 2012, DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro gave the opening address during the PAREF Annual Meeting attended by the members of the various School Boards and Management Committees of all the PAREF schools in the country. Bro. Luistro departed from his prepared speech and instead spoke from the heart recalling how he understood the PAREF philosophy more when he witnessed how the PAREF parents supported his brother’s family when his sister-in-law got sick and could not send her children who were studying in PAREF schools. The PAREF model of parent involvement in school was a refreshing change from the usual Parent-Teacher Association one sees in schools, as the support went beyond the classroom and truly made a difference in the lives of the family members.

PAREF also donated a substantial sum to DepEd for its Ten Moves project aimed at creating 10,000 classrooms for the public school system.

After the session, the members of the PAREF Southcrest School Board and Management Committee met with the Secretary who informed them that he was contemplating visiting schools in Cebu soon..

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2 Responses to DepEd Secretary Commends PAREF Board and Management

  1. I always admire the dedication and the zeal of the school to always get better in every aspect that would benefit the children. my hats of to all faculty, management, and parents who, are always vigilant for excellence.
    My daughter, Sarah C. King, was in your instutution two years ago.
    It was not a fond memory to go back to but, I believe, it was one experience my daughter did a lot of growing up.
    Despite her trials, she had happy memories with formed friendships in school. Happy to relay that until now, she still has contacts with former classmates and has developed deep and an ongoing friendship with one of her former classmate in the institution.
    More importantly, I believe that her experience in this school has taught her study habits that was non-existent before. And, that I believe, (again), made her achieve one of the highest recognition in academic excellence.
    Sarah graduated from middle school two weeks ago with a couple of awards. Two of which are really remarkable.
    First, Most Improved in Religion. Everytime I remember this award, I can’t help but, laugh. Most improved in religion!
    Second, Presidential Award on Academic Excellence.
    All her academic awards were already known a week prior to graduation. But, this award was so surprising because nobody knew about it until during the graduation rites. Six students, among 35 graduates received this citation.
    Thus, I would like to thank Ms. Visaya for always being there for my daughter. For being there for me, also. I am truly forever indebted to her, for her care and compassion towards the well-being of Sarah. To Ms. Granada, who was always so supportive and positive
    even, when I had doubts on how my daughter could possibly pass her subject. I am happy to relay, again, that my daughter’s Math teacher said that she is one of her best students, ever.
    With all my daughter’s achievements, PAREF was surely part of her success.
    If and when we go back and live in Cebu again, I surely will be back with my son going Southdale, anew.
    Thank you and, more power.
    God Bless.

    • The Dep-Ed policy would be most wemcloe in the field. In one recent media briefing on the issue of positive discipline and corporal punishment I expressed my view on the implications of the existing laws to teachers, particularly to the homeroom advisers, who act as parents. RA 7610 listed down acts that constitute child abuse in general terms. Dep-Ed, I think should come up with a policy listing down specific acts which should NEVER be done by any teacher in the classroom to any student. We have yet to temper our disgust over parents who leave to the teachers the clarification, if not the inculcation of common values a child must live by. Trace why their children are discourteous, unruly, dishonest The handful of cruel teachers exposed by media have created a stir. The policy would be most wemcloe, indeed, to give meaning to MY Teacher,My Hero.

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