PAREF Newsletter – August 15, 2014

Together to Get There

P  A  R  E  F   N  e  w  s  l  e  t  t  e  r

August 15, 2014

Education Secretary Armin Luisitro said that “children who are prepared for kindergarten and are supported by parents and teachers continue to do admirably in the early grades of elementary school. They are also likely to graduate from secondary and higher education with flying colors. Such is the goal of PAREF.”

Website Update

PAREF’s Preschool Balanced Approach to Early Education Cited

Elements of the Finest Schools Run by Parents

The PAREF Legacy: Proactive Education for a Lifetime

PAREF Organizes 1st National Congress on Home & School Collaboration

PAREF’s New Parents’ Education Program


S O C I A L  O U T R E A C H

Typhoon Yolanda Relief Efforts

Parents are not the only ones with a legitimate concern in matters pertaining to education. Both the state and the Church, for various reasons, also possess inescapable obligations in this area…

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