School Calendar School Year 2015-2016

(Schedule of activities may still be subject to change.)

Month Date Activities
June 1-3 Mon-Wed PEI for Year I Teachers
3 Wed Board Meeting @ 3:00 PM
5 Fri Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
6 Sat Simulated Exams for Batch 2016
9 Tue -Opening of Classes (half-day)

Dismissal for Elem at 11:30 and High School at 12nn

-Launching of Southcrest Astras

12 Fri Independence Day (Regular Holiday) No Class
18 Thu Mass of the Holy Spirit for High School
19 Fri Mass of the Holy Spirit for Elementary

Catholic Doctrine Class @ 3:30 pm

23 Tue PCM Meeting @ 2:30 PM
26 Fri Mass of St. Josemaria
26-28 Fri-Sun Beyond I Do in CDO
29 Mon Launching of the PAREF Southcrest Family Outreach Challenge
July 1 Wed Board Meeting @ 3:00 PM;

Grade 7 Seminar

3 Fri Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
6 Mon Start of MTAP Sessions Gr. 4 to HS Yr. IV
8 Wed Launching of Clubs
9 Thu PC Get-together / PC Meeting with CA
10 Fri Catholic Doctrine Class for Teachers
11 Sat Academic Orientation for Grade School (Gr. 1-6)
13 Mon Launching of School Hymn Competition
16 Thu NPEP 1: Family Visioning (5:30-8:00 PM; Registration starts at 5:00PM)
16 Thu Our Lady of Mt. Carmel/ Imposition of Scapular
17 Fri Eidul Fitr (Special Non-Working Day) No Class
24 Fri Youth Congress for Grade 8- Year IV c/o SSC
25 Sat Academic Orientation for High School (Gr. 7-Yr. IV)
27 Mon Director’s Day Celebration
28 Tue PCM Meeting
29 Wed Start of Clubs
August 3 Mon Half-day ( day before QE)
4-5 & 7 Tue-Wed,


1st Quarterly Exam
4 Tue Get-together of Staff (PM)
5 Wed Board Meeting

Meditation for Teachers and Staff

6 Thu No Class – Cebu Provincial Holiday (local holiday)
7 Fri Catholic Doctrine Class at 3:30-4:30pm
8 Sat PAREF Annual Member’s Meeting
August 10 Mon Opening of Buwan ng Wika
14 Fri Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
15 & 22 Sat Family or Father/Mother Daughter Pilgrimages
20 Thu NPEP 2 (6-8PM; Registration starts at 5:30PM)
21 Fri No Class – Ninoy Aquino Day (Special Non-Working Day)
26 Wed NCAE for Grade 9
28 Fri Buwan ng Wika Culminating Activity (PM)
31 Mon No Class – National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)
September 2 Wed Card-giving

Board Meeting @ 3PM

3-4 Thu-Fri Grade 8 Seminar
7 Mon Opening of Science Month
8 Tue Birthday of Our Lady (Mass at the Multi-purpose Hall)
9 Wed No Class – Osmeña Day (Local Holiday)
10 Fri Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
12 Sat Seminar for Parents and Godparents of Confirmands
11-13 Fri-Sun Milo Olympics
16 Wed Science Quiz Bowl for Primary
17 Thu NPEP 3 (6-8PM; Registration starts at 5:30PM)
18 Fri Science Quiz Bowl for Intermediate
21-23 Mon- Wed Grade 10 Retreat in Manila
22 Tue PCM Meeting
24 Thu Eidul Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) No Class
25 Fri Catholic Doctrine Class
30 Wed Science Quiz Bowl for High School
October 2 Fri Foundation Day of Opus Dei
7 Wed Board Meeting

Our Lady of the Rosary (Floral Offering

9 Fri Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
10 Sat Confirmation of Grade 8 Students
12 Mon Half-day (day before QE )

Meditation for Teachers, Moms and Friends

13-16 Tue-Fri 2nd Quarterly Exam
15 Thu NPEP 4 (6-8PM; Registration starts at 5:30PM)
16 Fri Teachers’ Day Celebration
17 & 24 Sat Photo OPS Yearbook
26-Nov. 3 Mon-Tue Sem Break
27 Tue PCM Meeting
28-30 Wed-Fri Forced Leave for All Staff


3 Tue Start of Work for Teachers and Staff
4 Wed Start of Classes

Board Meeting @ 3PM

6 Fri Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
9 Mon Quarterly Board Meeting in Manila
9-11 Mon-Wed Year IV Retreat
11 Wed Card-giving
14 Sat Seminar for Parents of the First Communicants
19 Thu NPEP 5/ Graduation
20 Fri Catholic Doctrine Class
21 Sat UN Day
23-27 Mon-Fri Academic Week
27 Fri Math Quiz Bowl

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Floral Offering)

30 Mon Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday) No Class
December 1,8 & 15 Tue Advent Wreath Lighting  Ceremony
2 Wed Board Meeting

Milestone Awards

4 Fri Recollection for Teachers, Moms and Friends
5 Sat First Holy Communion of Grade 2
8 Tue School-wide Mass


10 Thu Half-day (day before QE)
11 Fri Catholic Doctrine Class
11-16 Fri-Wed 3rd Quarterly Exam
14 Mon Meditation for Teachers and Staff
16 Wed Practice for Christmas Program (PM)
17 Thu Practice for Christmas Program
18 Fri Christmas Program/ Advent Wreath Lighting (AM)

Staff Christmas Party at 12:30 PM (lunch)

21-Jan. 4 Mon-Mon Christmas Break
January 4 Mon Start of Work for Teachers and Staff
5 Tue Start of Classes
6 Wed Board Meeting
8 Fri Intrams (whole day)
14-15 Thu-Fri Grade 9 Batch Seminar
18 Mon No Class/ Work
20 Wed Card-giving
22 Fri Eucharistic Vigil/ Procession
24-31 Sun-Sun International Eucharistic Congress
26 Tue PCM Meeting
29 Fri Catholic Doctrine Class


3 Wed Board Meeting
4 Thu Practice for Family Day (PM)
5 Fri Practice for Family Day (whole day)
7 Sun Family Day
8 Mon Chinese New Year (special non-working day) No Class
10 Wed IP Preliminary Defense
12 Fri Foundation Day Celebration

Recollection for Teachers, Moms, and Friends

14 Sun Foundation Day
18-19 Thu-Fri IP Panel Defense
20 Sat Family Congress
23 Tue Musical Revival
24 Wed Cebu City Charter Day (local holiday) No Class
25 Thu EDSA Revolution Anniversary (school holiday)No Class
March 1 Tue Miting de Avance, 3-4 pm
2 Wed Board Meeting

NAT for Gr. 10

3 Thu SSC Election for SY 2016-2017
4 Fri Statistical Research Presentation and Defense

20th Anniversary Art, Photo Exhibit

ASTRAS Night. Tribute to SCR Athletes

7-10 Mon-Thu 4th Quarterly Exam
10 Thu PC Thanksgiving Get-together (Mass and Breakfast)
11 Fri Clearance Day for Students

Catholic Doctrine Class


29-Apr. 4



Summer Remedial Class
15 Tue Grade 6 Recollection
16 Wed Year IV Recollection
18 Fri Recollection for Teachers, Moms, and Friends
19 Sat Year IV Tribute to Auxiliaries
20-26 Sun-Sat Holy Week
28 Mon No Class/ No Work (Forced Leave)
29 Tue PCM Meeting
April 7 Thu Grade 6 Graduation
8 Fri Year IV Graduation

Recognition (AM)

12 Tue Start of Enrolment for SY 2016-2017


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