Code of Conduct for Students Participating in Interschool Competitions

The Code of Conduct has been established to ensure fair and safe competition and appropriate behavior of our students in such events.  Aside from the school’s Code of Conduct, PAREF Southcrest students joining interschool competitions are expected to abide by the following:

1.  Respect the rights of fellow competitors, officials, coaches/moderators, volunteers and spectators.

2.  Abide by the rules of the competition and respect the decision of the officials, making appeals through formal and approved process.

3.  Conduct oneself in a professional manner  and set a good example in dress and behavior especially relating to social relations, language, temper, punctuality.  The use of offensive language and behavior is discouraged.

4.  Treat the event/competition in a professional manner.

5.  Foster a spirit of fair play.

6.  Work hard for oneself and for the team.

7.  Consult moderator in-charge of the team for any deviation in agreements and plans made.

Any breach in this Code may result in the student being disqualified to join future competitions..

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