The Launching of School Moniker and Logo

This school year marks our school’s 20th year of existence.  In celebration of this milestone, we are launching our school moniker and logo.

After many hours of discussion with the Management Committee and teachers trying to pick out a name for our school and all it stands for and even more hours trying to design a logo for it (shout out to Paris Tan of grade 10), we are happy to finally be able to call ourselves the PAREF Southcrest Astras.

We know some of you may be confused (don’t worry we were too) since astra isn’t really a common name to represent a school by, but then again, PAREF Southcrest isn’t just an ordinary school.

Astra is a Hindu term representing a weapon with supernatural powers, which is what the girl in the logo is holding.  For the Hindus, it is a symbol of strength and excellence, values our school holds dearly.  The word astra, a Latin word meaning star, is also in our school motto:  Perducere semitas ad astra (Blaze a trail through the stars).

By being called the Astras, each and every one of us should be reminded of our school and what it stands for.  We come together as the Astras under one name to celebrate and be proud of our school and all it has achieved and will achieve.

We are the Astras.  We are called to greatness!  We blaze a trail to the stars!



Logo by Paris Noelle C. Tan



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