School Profile

          Year Founded: 1995

Average College Entrance Percentage of Passing for the Past 10 Years:

University of Sto. Tomas                     96. 67%

University of Asia and the Pacific       96.70%

De La Salle University                        91.44%

Ateneo De Manila University               68%

University of the Philippines                59.30%

            Foreign Language Offerings: Chinese

            Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:14

Average Class Size: Maximum of 30

            Sports Offerings:

Badminton     Tennis      Archery     Taekwondo

Swimming           Volleyball        Lawn Tennis

            Other Club Offerings:

                        Art & Crafts              Ballet                          Chorale            Culinary

                        Guitar                        Photography              String Ensemble

                        Violin                          Yearbook                   Debate          Chinese Club

School Affiliation: PAREF (Parents for Education Foundation); EDUCHILD; Banilad Study Center

Founding Fathers: Dr. Placido Mapa, Jr. and Dr. Jose Sandejas, Jr.

Hallmarks of PAREF Southcrest Education

                        Academic Excellence

                        Successful College Admission

                        Solid Character Development Program

                        Catholic Education (open to students of all religious beliefs)

                        Personalized Education

                        Mentoring Program

                        Strong Home-School Partnership

                        School as a Second Home



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