Teacher Development

PAREF Southcrest believes that teachers are the heart of the school; hence priority is given to teacher training. Aside from the subject head who acts as a coach, each teacher has a personal formation mentor to help her understand and live the school philosophy and acts as her support in school.

Southcrest is also committed to offer a yearly PAREF Faculty Development Plan to its teachers.

First Year Courses 

  1. Understanding PAREF (I)
  2. Understanding PAREF (II)
  3. Home-School Partnership
  4. Goals and Process of Education
  5. Character Education
  6. Professional Culture (I)
  7. Professional Culture (II)
  8. Child Psychology (Part 1)
  9. Lesson Planning and Curriculum
  10. Teaching Skills
  11. Principles of Assessment

Second-Third Year Courses

  1. Mentoring Skills (Part I)
  2. Character Education (Part 2)
  3. Child Psychology (Part 2)
  4. Single Sex Education Video (Homosexuality)
  5. Marriage & Family (Part 1)
  6. Marriage & Family (Part 2)
  7. Child Psychology (Part 3)
  8. Handling Discipline Mentoring (Skills and Techniques)
  9. Social Doctrine of the Church Principles of Assessment (2nd part)

Fourth Year Courses

  1. Anthropology I
  2. Ethics
  3. Anthropology II

Fifth Year Courses

  1. Philosophy of Education
  2. Psychology of Learning
  3. Contemporary Issues [Theology of the Body and Human Sexuality]
  4. Contemporary Issues-[Relativism]
  5. Contemporary Issues-[Masonry]
  6. Contemporary Issues [Use of Internet]
  7. Contemporary Issues [Islam]
  8. Contemporary Issues[Just War]
  9. Contemporary Issues [Bribery and Corruption]
  10. Contemporary Issues [Divorce/Annulment]
  11. Contemporary Issues[Femininity]


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