Student Life


Southcrest takes pride in its mentoring system, wherein each student is given a mentor – a well-trained faculty or staff from the school, who assists the student in her personal development. This includes helping the student grow in good habits, deal with her friends and teachers, cope with academic demands of school, foster love for God and other virtues. The mentor also acts as the bridge between parents and the school, thus facilitating the home-school collaboration.


The school holds various activities for the students, which help in the students’ wholistic development. 

  • Intramurals and Family Day
  • High School Retreat-Seminars
  • Teambuilding and Leadership Seminars
  • Schoolwide Masses
  • Outreach Activities
  • Volleyball and Softball Varsity
  • Musical Presentations Clubs:
    – Theater
    –  Art
    –  Cooking
  • Media Club
  • The Crest Newsletter
  • Buwan ng Wika Mother-Daughter Activities
  • Father-Daughter Activities
  • UN Day
  • Academic Week
  • Virtues of the Month


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