1. Is PAREF Southcrest School an international school?

It is not officially an international school but we try to make our standards world-class. We accept students from other countries and nationalities, and they normally find it easy to adjust in school because of the mentoring support given to each child, and the global and international mind-set of the students in school.

There are more than 150 schools with the same educational philosophy as PAREF world-wide.

2. Why do PAREF schools offer single-sex education?

Single-sex education is an essential educational strategy in PAREF. We believe in the centuries-old wisdom of teaching girls and boys separately since boys and girls learn differently. Recent studies on brain research confirm this. Research also shows that girls in an all-girls’ school perform better than those in coed environments.

3. Is the faculty qualified?

Yes. We consider our faculty as the heart of the school as we regard them as the parents’ partners in educating their children. All are competent in their academic field. Around 60% have graduate degrees or are taking graduate studies. Fifty three percent (53%) graduated with honors from reputable educational institutions in the country.

4. What are we looking for in our prospective students?

We admit students who have the desire to learn, who are willing to live the virtues to serve others and to lead good lives. We welcome parents who share the vision of the school and are determined to work with the faculty in the education of their daughters..

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